The fund

Hydrogen Opportunities fund is one of the first specific and pure thematic investment funds in Europe. It invests over the complete value chain in the hydrogen process.

Hydrogen Opportunities Fund offers a solution for all investors looking for diversifying their assets on a long term perspective.

Investment Policy

  • We are convinced that a thematic investment should offer the purest possible exposure to its theme.
  • Too many thematic investments are just marketing products that are more akin to global equity funds offering only limited exposure to their theme.
  • At least 50% of the portfolio’s consolidated activity must be hydrogen related.
  • Our strategy offers the opportunity to invest in a portfolio:

Key characteristics

Name Isatis Invest – Hydrogen Opportunities Fund
Legal form
UCITS V SICAV (Luxembourg)
Management Company
Fuchs Asset Management
Custodian bank
Banque de Luxembourg
Administrative agent / Transfer agent
European Fund Administration
Portfolio managers
Jan Lecluyse, Ivan Nicolas
Inception date
29 October 2021
België, Nederland, Luxembourg, Duitsland, Frankrijk